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Hi Everyone!


As we approach Fall Break, I just wanted to give you an update and other information.


The kids are doing great as a whole!  We are up to #18 in the band book.  Some kids are still struggling, especially in the flute section.   If your child is a flute player, and they are truly struggling on their instrument, I am offering one free private lesson at my studio in Oakley so that I can help them.  Just contact me at and I will see if I can accommodate them into my studio schedule.


During break, if you are staying in town, please encourage your child to practice, practice, practice!!  This is a great time for them to spend time on their instrument J  Perhaps you can use some incentives to reward them for their practicing?   Also, maybe you can plan a little recital for them for friends and family and have a little party after?   I’ve also encouraged the kids to have playdates with each other so they can practice together – that seems to be more fun for them J


Just a note on supplies:

  1.  If your child does not have a black binder with page protectors and a pencil pouch, please get one J  I’ll be handing out sheet music soon and I don’t want it getting lost falling out of their books.  Plus, it helps them learn how to organize their music, which is a skill they will definitely need for middle school.
  2. Reed players (oboe, clarinet, saxophone):  PLEASE purchase at least 3 new reeds for their instrument over break.  I’m having a lot of kids without reeds lately, or badly chipped ones.  For oboe, get a medium soft reed.  For clarinet and sax, please purchase Rico Royal reeds with a strength of 2 1/2.
  3. Saxophones:  If your child does not have a neck strap, they need to get one.  I suggest the padded NEOTECH neckstrap – they are padded and comfortable.  So if your child complains that their strap hurts their neck, you might want to look into it.  They sell them on Amazon J
  4. Brass players:  If you do not have valve oil or slide grease, please purchase them at your local music store.  Closest music stores are Geddes’ Music in downtown Brentwood and Gill’s music over on Lone Tree by Office Depot.


As far as the calendar for practices after break – for the rest of October, I would like to keep the schedule the same:   Wed/Thurs 7:15 am – Woodwinds and Percussion, Wed 1-1:45 pm and Friday 7:15 am Brass, Electric Bass, and percussion.


I’m still not certain that we will be marching in the holiday parade in Brentwood this year.  I was involved in a car accident in July and my leg is still giving me problems.  I’ll let you all know after break whether or not we will be marching or not.  If not, I have some other ideas to get the kids playing out in the community J


I hope you all enjoy your Fall Break!  See you when school resumes!


Kim Griffith-Fraley

Music and Band

Krey  Elementary and Ron Nunn Elementary Schools

Posted by: Kim Griffith-Fraley
Published: 9/26/18

Audience: Kim Griffith-Fraley

I hope you all have a wonderful Fall Break!


When we get back, we will continue the same schedule:

Wed 7:15 am - Woodwinds and Percussion

Wed 1-1:45 pm - Brass, EB, and Percussion

Thurs. 7:15 am - Woodwinds and Percussion

Friday 7:15 am - Brass, EB, and Percussion



Mrs. Fraley

Posted by: Kim Griffith-Fraley
Published: 9/20/18

Audience: Kim Griffith-Fraley

Band Schedule:

Wed., Sept. 5

   7:15 a.m. - Trombones Only - Room 43

   1:00 p.m. - Percussion ONLY - On stage - MPR

Thursday, Sept. 6

   7:15 a.m. - Woodwinds and Bells (Percussion) on stage MPR

        Woodwinds are: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, and Saxes

Friday, Sept. 7

   7:15 a.m. - Brass and Percussion and Electric basses - MPR

        Brass includes:  trumpet, french horn, baritone, trombones

Posted by: Kim Griffith-Fraley
Published: 8/31/18

Audience: Staff, Kim Griffith-Fraley, Principals, Assistant Principals, Sys Admins and Teachers

Are you hoping to join our awesome 5th grade band this year?

If so, please come to our Band Information Night  in the MPR on Back-to-school-night on Tuesday, August 7th, at 4:30 p.m.  I will be talking about how to join band and I'll have all the forms and information you need that night!


If for some reason you can't make it to the informational meeting, please email me and I can send the information home with your son or daughter.  Please make sure to put the student's name and their classroom teacher's name so that I can get the information to them.


My email is:



Mrs. Griffith-Fraley



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Published: 7/27/18

Audience: Kim Griffith-Fraley

Bandmate for iOS

     Especially helpful for Brass - you pick your instrument, play the note, and it tells you what note you are actually playing.


Metrotimer for iOS

     Free Metronome - helps you to keep a steady beat.


BioBreathing  for iOS

     Designed as a biofeedback app to help with slow breathing, but I find it very helpful to build lung capacity :)


I'm hoping these are on android systems too - I know there are other free metronome apps.  Just do a search and have fun!


Posted by: Kim Griffith-Fraley
Published: 9/14/17